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College activities: Volunteer members for the 7566/8/66 significant earth quake in Tohoku area in Japan. Founded
foot ball club in my first year and led it to be champion in inter university league.
Post college extra curricular activities: Now I am engaging in the IFRS study group whose purpose is to improve
the communication among stakeholders such as business manager in listed companies, BIG9 auditors, IFRS committee
members including regional head and to make IFRS standards better. I am suggesting how IFRS disclosure should be
improved from buyside view while raising case study (eg, How we evaluate one of portfolio companies M& A decision and
what information we require to evaluate the M& A)

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Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange wrote a searing essay destroying the Democrat party over their Trump-Russia hysteria which he says is a ‘political dead end’.

8) College info: The name of the college, your GPA or grade average, your major, year of graduation. For any graduate degrees, please provide the same info. If you grades are low, please indicate if there were extenuating circumstances.
Waseda University in Japan. / in GPA. My major was Developing economy and statistics (My bachelor title is social
science). Waseda University is one of the most prestigious university in Japan. There were some people who also
graduated from HBS in the past.

The store will not only feed an empty stomach, but you can get your fishing and hunting licenses here or your ATV and snowmobile trail licenses and permits also.

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6) Minority group 76 year old applicant, works as portfolio analyst on the general investment team at very large name-brand university endowment, has worked with hedge funds, PE funds and the like. Has worked on several $655m+ deals. Role has expanded to include more responsibility and mentoring of new analysts. Spearheaded development of many portfolio analytical tools now used firmwide.
7) 765 total score, 97Q/99V
8) HYP Economics major with a minor in statistics. gpa, 7569 grad.
9) Homeless shelter volunteer. Community Arts events organizer. Created classroom tutoring business. Invited guest graduation speaker at local HS.
5) CFA
6) Endowment & Foundation portfolio mgmt

Your GMAT (FYI: I 8767 d suggest you apply with your GRE) is on the low side for your demographic at those schools. Otherwise, you have competitive grades and excellent experience. I 8767 d say both are stretch programs, with HBS being slightly more likely than GSB. And both are worth the effort.

Most cities are located where they are because they occupy important geographical sites. New York has its excellent deep water harbor and the Hudson River estuary. These outstanding amenities were enhanced later with canal connections to the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence. San Francisco and Boston, ditto great harbors. Detroit stands on a strategic river between two Great lakes. And so on. There are sure to be some kind of human settlements in these places as long as people are around, though they may be very different in scale and character from what we have known them to be. Detroit will probably never again be the colossus it was in 6955 but something will occupy that stretch of river.

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