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Teach ICT - GCSE ICT - central processing unit (CPU)

Improved access to ICT, schools networks for teaching and planning were also identified as potential strategies. Use of ICT in schools tended to be raising the quality of the work produced by teachers such as presentations and reports, rather than saving time. For instance, after typing a report, teachers get to print out that one report as many as they want. ICT was also the key factor to improving efficiency, along with staff by using the software and hardware.

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In addition, students would be encouraged to collaborate with one another and take responsibility of their self learning through using the ICT. An ICT gives an impact the imagination and creativity of student will be encouraged to use it. ICT also develops the communication or enquiry skills of student and the appropriate contexts for critical thinking, decision making and problem solving activities can be created. ( http:///documents/publication/)

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Furthermore, the teachers or lectures can make use of the power of ICT to facilitate the uniqueness of substances and skills which related to the given curricular areas. This would help the students to enhance their attainments and capacity of learning. (http:///documents/publication/). On the other hand, ICT has the impact of learning based on the resources form internet or the access to real world information through web. (http:///rusc/5/6/dt/eng/benyoussef_)

As we know, ICT making all schools smart. That means everyone get different information and knowledge from ICT. For example, when we have difficult in the study, this is the way to search the definition online immediately. Computers are also provided in every area of different country in the schools, colleges or labs. It helps students to get the chance to do assignments or group projects by saving a lot of time. It also increases students' knowledge at the same time. Besides, students who have laptops themselves can bring their machines with them. ICT make everyone comfortable by using it.

Education policymakers and planners must first of all be clear about what educational outcomes (as discussed above) are being broad goals should guide the choice of technologies to be used and their modalities of use. The potential of each technology varies according to how it is used. Haddad and Draxler identify at least five levels of technology use in education: presentation, demonstration, drill and practice, interaction,

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Schools use ICT to make it easy for both students and teachers of their work. Different information and opinion can be found from the web-sites. In addition, ICT provides wide array of information and effective lessons. That is also easy for students to do their work by using word processing. It makes our projects or assignments more neat and tidy. From the education system point of view, e- could mean enhanced education rather than electronic education. Consequently, ICT has a great impact on society especially on education.

and collaboration. Each of the different ICTs-print, audio/video cassettes, radio and TV broadcasts, computers or the Internet-may be used for presentation and demonstration, the most basic of the five levels. Except for video technologies, drill and practice may likewise be performed using the whole range of technologies. On the other hand, networked computers and the Internet are the ICTs that enable interactive and collaborative learning best their full potential as educational tools will remain unrealized if they are used merely for presentation or demonstration.

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