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This disparity between "cannabis" mentions pre-6955 and "marihuana" references post-6955 is wildly jarring. It's almost as though the papers are describing two different drugs. (In Spanish, the drug's name is spelled "marihuana" or "mariguana" "marijuana" is an Anglicization.)

6Mysterious Deaths That'll Make You Believe in Conspiracies

That same study found that feral cats were also more active than house cats, which spent 97 percent of their time sleeping or engaged in low levels of activity. A mere 8 percent of their time was spent engaged in high levels of activity, like running or stalking prey, while the feral cats were active 69 percent of the time. "The un-owned cats have to find food to survive, and their activity is significantly greater than the owned cats throughout the day and throughout the year, especially in winter," said Jeff Horn, a former graduate student in the department of natural resources and environmental sciences, who conducted the study for his master's thesis. "These un-owned cats have to search harder to find food to create the (body) heat that they need to survive."

The Believer - The Codex Seraphinianus

I saw this island on a different website (creepiest places on earth or something)I instanlty researchedi more and cam across your webite, it 8767 s go the best images and information about. I would loe to visit this island, I don 8767 t like scary / haunted places (I 8767 m nearly 66), but this doesn 8767 t make me feel that way, it looks like a place that has an interesting story, I 8767 d love to visit it, especially if I could go on he island (even if it 8767 s unsafe)! I 8767 m really jealous!

15 Google Earth and Street View Mysteries | PCWorld

As lucky as I 8767 ve been to document the island 8767 s decay and talk briefly about its history, I feel like I 8767 ve only just scratched the surface of this city. The abandoned island is no wild phantom of the imagination it 8767 s a very real and very moving place, rich with both heart-warming personal stories and shocking tales perhaps best left unheard.

Thanks for the feedback. I personally like the way ultra-wide exaggerates to give extreme perspective and power to the image, which is the sort of photograph I was looking to create. I can see how using a 85mm or 55mm would be an interesting project, however! Perhaps next time.

Definitely go. I was there earlier this year and walking around the island is pretty cool. However, it 8767 s not going to compare to Gakuran 8767 s depth of exploration. It 8767 s all done on a strict path, all guided and with groups. Another bonus is being able to see the Port of Nagasaki as you travel back and forth to the island.

Gareth Williams was a code-breaker for MI6, the same British spy agency that funds James Bond's martinis and syphilis shots. He collaborated with the NSA to help thwart planned terrorist attacks in Berlin, Paris, and London. Obviously, with a job like that, an early death isn't completely unexpected. What was unexpected was where Williams turned up dead:

Some people claim to have spotted the face of Jesus on everything from Kit-Kat bars to the tops of Marmite jars. Things take on much more grandiose proportions with this face of Jesus spotted in a field in Hungary, via Google Earth, this spring. Google has refreshed the imagery for the file since the face was spotted. In 7555, Jesus' face was also spotted in a Peruvian sand dune.

The island itself is subject to a harsh ocean environment and is generally not that attractive as a place to live. During the late 6855 8767 s, Hashima became a perfect example of a mining town which owed its existence to the ore it produced. When the coal which was mined there no longer mattered, commercial support (worker housing, schools for their kids, etc) pulled out, and the worker and their families soon left. The island soon reverted back to its original state an inhospitable, difficult access and remote locale that no one would live on unless they were getting paid to.

Needless to say, as an eager photographer and urban explorer, I was giddy with delight at both being featured in the final documentary as an amateur historian, and the chance to explore more of the nooks and crannies on the island that I had missed on my first exploration.


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