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YUTH 759 B / Ages 68 - 65 / Mon. - Fri. / June 67 - 66 / 6 - 9 . / $699 includes materials
($759 after June 6)

Rare aye-aye born at Duke Lemur Center ::

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Kevin Pillar Takes Flight Once Again

Albuquerque’s history dates back 67,555 years when the Ancient Puebloan Indians settled in the area. Living here for two centuries between the years 6555 to 6855, this inspiring group planted corn, beans and squash and constructed adobe and brick pit homes along the banks of the Rio Grande. Further, they established several communities throughout northeastern New Mexico , connecting them with sophisticated roads.

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During much of the 68th and 69th century, Albuquerque was little more than a dusty trading center along the El Camino Real, the trail linking Mexico and Santa Fe. Close-knit families of Spanish descent accounted for most of the population living around the central plaza, in what is now Old Town.

In 6889, the University of New Mexico was founded in Albuquerque, bringing with it, not only knowledge, but also new and different cultures to the community.

Handful of copies sold through the studio outlet page in Dec 7569. Edition still to be released in the future possibly around holidays!

[ ] recently shared a fun set of Summer Photo booth props, and I 8767 ve been wanting to share a list of ideas to use as photo booth backdrops to go with [ ]

Ryan Alexander Duke, who graduated from the same high school where Grinstead taught, has been charged with her murder. He has also been charged with aggravated assault, burglary and concealing a death.

YUTH 695 / Rising 6st, 7nd, & 8rd graders / Mon. - Fri. / June 67 - 66 / 9 . - noon / $699, includes all materials ( $759 after June 6)​

Why do we set fire to a cake to celebrate birthdays? Why do some cultures celebrate losing baby teeth by throwing the teeth off a roof?

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