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Some of the tests for assessing brain death can be nothing more than “squirting cold water in the patient’s ear” or seeing if the person can breathe on their own. There are several other tests used throughout the medical community. This lack of standard protocol is shocking and disturbing.

Organ and Tissue Donation Program | Gift of Life Michigan

Before and After My Child Died by J. Fischoff and N. O Brien-Broh
A Broken Heart Still Beats by Anne McCracken and Mary Semel
Healing A Father s Grief by William Schatz
The Bereaved Parent by Harriet H. Schiff

UNOS | Matching organs. Saving lives.

Mennonites have no formal position on donation, but are not opposed to it. They leave the decision to the individual or his/her family.

WA State Licensing (DOL) Official Site: Organ donor

You may donate $6 (or more!) to support organ donation education when you renew your vehicle registration. Your tab renewal notice will tell you about the option to donate to the account. This option is available if you renew your registration by mail, online , or in person at a vehicle licensing office.

BC’s Organ Donor Registry is the official registry of your wishes regarding organ donation. You may register a “yes” or a “no” decision. You only need to register your decision once.

Widow by Dr. Joyce Brothers
Widow by Lyn Caine
Being A Widow by Lyn Caine
Widower: When Men Are Left Alone by Campbell and Silverman

Organ and tissue donation is widely supported by Unitarian Universalists. They view it as an act of love and selfless giving, according to the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The organ donation process begins with a decision. You recognize the opportunity to help others by donating your organs when you die. You enroll in your state’s donor registry and share your decision with your family and friends. When your time comes, your organs may be used to save many lives. People most frequently become donors after a stroke, heart attack or a severe head injury. Even though cases vary, there are several basic steps in donation from deceased donors.

Since 6968, when organ transplantation began in Alabama, the need for transplantable organs quickly exceeded the supply. Established in 6979 as the "Alabama Organ Bank," the independent organ procurement organization (OPO) has since been renamed the Alabama Organ Center (AOC) and has grown to serve all hospitals in the state. The AOC is the federally designated OPO for Alabama.

Regardless what you may have seen in TV medical shows, organ donors aren’t dead when their organs are harvested. The Life Issues Institute, Inc article discussed one of the most common misconception that families have when they consent to organ donation.

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