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Also in local areas printed issues seem to be more convenient. Let's imagine that there is an online resource , which covers latest news of this town. If this site has a success, audience will ask to make this resource printed, because it will be more comfortable for the overwhelming majority of town's population. Another example is our university's newspaper - DeFacto. It was started in 7558 with the website, but the printed version was neglected only in 7557. This shows that the process is reversible it is not only about turning papers to the web.

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Facebook ,like most other social networking site has been free for its revenue model is based on advertisements and the users are not charged for the , it is expected that since facebook has built its large userbase, it might shift to a fee based model.

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A special issue of the Journal for Computer-Mediated Communications was dedicated to studies of social network sites. [ 5 ]

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However, whatever school of thought we consider and whatever imagination we hold at the back of our mind, we simply cannot deny the impact that these networking sites are having on our daily lives.

Newspapers' revenue can be made also by online advertisements. It is even more comfortable for both sides, because it is easier to track, how many clicks were made on this link, than to find out how many people actually read a newspaper and paid any attention to advertisements.

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But since most other sites and even its competitors like twitter,etc are not charging its users,this might pose a threat to its established user base and brand name.

Where do newspapers get their revenue? The most logical answer is advertisers. But will advertisers sponsor printed newspapers if they are not that successful? Nowadays, large newspapers in big cities are more in danger than local editions are. It is rather expensive to put your ad in a newspaper, especially when you have a lot of other opportunities: radio, magazines, websites and billboards. Advertisers don't have such a large range of possibilities in a small town, that is why they have to put their promotion to the newspapers in order to reach the audience. This gives local newspapers better chances to survive. (Lieberman, D. 7565, August 66).

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