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If your instructor chose to have you attach your assignment as a word document, click Browse… (A), below “attach your word document,” and find your file. Then attach any additional files that your instructor requested below “add supporting documents” (B). Click save (C) if you want to save your work as-is and return to it later. Or, if you’re finished, click submit (D).

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Robert Lansing was born Robert Howell Brown on June 5, 6978, in San Diego, California, and died October 78rd, 6999 in New York of the cancer he had been suffering from for some time. His career spanned more than a generation, in film, on stage, and on television.

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eBook Settings In your eBook settings, you can adjust font size and show or hide figures.

Font Size: Change the font size by tapping the AA button. The sizes appear from smallest to largest, with the current size grayed out. Tap your preferred font size. Hide Figures: Tap HIDE FIGURES to hide eBook images and create a read-only view. When figures are hidden, this button will say SHOW FIGURES. When you’re finished, tap outside of the settings menu to close the menu options.


VV: Well, let me think now. I mean, we're all victims. I think I've mentioned this before, but somebody has to play the role. It depends on the film really.

If your instructor assigned peer reviews, you need to review the comments from your peers on your draft before completing another draft or final submission. At the top of your draft will be a dropdown menu for you to choose a peer’s comments to view (A). If none of your peers have commented, you’ll see the message “No one has commented yet.” If that’s the case, come back later to check your draft for peer reviews.

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Here we’ll explain how to pair your existing Brightspace course with a new Connect class and register for Connect (create a Connect account). Once you've logged into Brightspace, select the class you want to pair. Then, in the widget, click Begin (A).

Robert Lansing was survived by his wife, Anne, and two children from previous marriages: Robert Frederick Orin Lansing and Alyiki Lansing West.

Go to the section web address listed on the student registration info sheet your instructor provided (A). If you don’t have a web address, ask your instructor or check your syllabus.

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